Rich Ita’s

Brass Instrument Workshop


Vintage Cornets

Images and information on the collection and restoration of Vintage Cornets by Nick DeCarlis

Raw Brass

The Trumpet player’s information gateway - Lots of resources about how to buy or sell your horn, as well as store information and accessories

Brass Resources

If you are a brass player, this is an excellent site to visit.

Trumpet Player Online

A great resource with articles, classified ads for instrument sales, a chat room, and a gig board.

The Trumpet Herald

A wealth of information, articles, and other resources for trumpet players

Alan Rouse’s Olds Trumpet Page

A great site for anyone interested in or wild about Olds horns, run by my friend and customer Alan Rouse.

Alan Rouse’s Paris Selmer Trumpet Page

Another great site for those interested in researching the Paris Selmer trumpet

The Cornet Compendium

A compilation of information about the cornet of the 19th century, including mini-biographies of notable performers, articles about cornet makers, and more.

Wayne Tanabe’s The Brass Bow

The site of an incredibly knowledgeable repairman, my friend and colleague Wayne Tanabe

The Historic Brass Society

Scholarly and fascinating articles about a broad range of topics related to early brass instrument making, performance, and study

America’s Shrine to Music Museum

This museum at the University of South Dakota in Vermilion has quickly risen to the highest ranks of musical instrument collections in the world. They are now responsible for the collection of Dr. Joe Utley and have retained the services of Dr. Sabine Klaus to catalog and document the collection.

Schilke Music Products

A catalog of the trumpets and mouthpieces offered by one of my former employers

The Georgia Brass Band

Here is a terrific British style Brass Band that was formed in Atlanta a couple of years ago. I am fortunate to be a member of this talented, dedicated group. NABBA here we come!

The Atlanta Wind Symphony

This volunteer group has reached new levels of outstanding performance of concert band and wind chamber music. I am proud to be a member of over ten years.

Kanstul Mouthpiece Comparator

This web site contains an interactive feature in which you can overlay the rim and cup contour of various mouthpieces, allowing you to easily compare the depths and widths.

Kanstul Backbore Comparator

This web site contains an interactive feature in which you can overlay the shafts of various mouthpieces, allowing you to easily compare the contours.

Estes Simmons

This site belongs to one of the leading plating companies in the Southeast. They specialize in antique silver restoration, repair, and plating. They also handle gold, brass, and pewter.

Trombone Lessons

This site contains a lot of useful information for individuals studying the trombone at any level.

Ferrees Tools

A leading source of instrument repair and restoration tools

Small Parts

This is an excellent resource for individuals or business that require specialized small parts in small or large quantities.

Zaja Oils

Quickly becoming very popular in the US., Zaja brings you scented oils and lubricants of all kind for your instrument.

Atlanta Brass Society

This nonprofit organization hosts a great library of brass music and it also sponsors the Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet and the Emory Brass Ensemble. Check back often for upcoming events of interest to brass players in the Atlanta area.

The Music Class

This award winning site is the home of “The Music Class with Rob Sayer,” a music school devoted to teaching parents and toddlers the fundamentals of music. Music educators should find it fascinating. Teachers of beginning brass players will want to check out his publication, “Daily Play Along Brass Builder”.

Blackburn Trumpets

Blackburn Trumpets are the result of more than two decades of combined research and development by Clifford Blackburn, William T. Cardwell (one of the world’s most knowledgeable scientists about trumpet acoustics) and the staff at Blackburn Trumpets. In every way Blackburn trumpets are state of the art.

The Slide Doctor

Considered the finest trombone slide expert in the Southeast, here is a place to turn when you have a particularly difficult slide problem.

Peachtree Brass

A local brass quintet with some of the best freelancers in the Atlanta area. Available for concerts, weddings, and special events with unlimited repertoire