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King Silversonic Symphony DB Bb Trumpet - design associated with Harry James, dual bore .458-.468, sn# 432630, lightning-quick response, solid, sizzling sound with plenty of core, this horn has been refinished at some point and is in excellent condition. Comes with King case. $1250 OBO, plus shipping.


Schilke B5 Trumpet - Medium-large .460 bore, medium-large bell 5” diameter, copper bell with #2 taper, Yamaha valves have been nickel-plated, circa 1981, excellent lead horn, small patches of wear on contact points, comes with case. $1500 plus shipping  SOLD


Olds Mendez Trumpet - Buy this horn and your triple- and double-tonguing will improve immediately. :) 

Overhauled, satin-silver finish, classic sizzling sound, .460 bore, valves have just been refitted at Anderson Silver Plating, fantastic player, fully restored, classic collectible that plays great, comes with case for $1750 plus shipping.


Selmer Bb Trumpet - sn#1169, LB large bore .462 bore, LP low pitch, bell diameter 4.4”, recently restored in bright silver, comes with Wisemann case. SOLD


Kanstul Piccolo Trumpet - sn# 1075, one mouthpipe for A and Bb which fits cornet shank, converted to detachable bell, recently chem cleaned and valves aligned, very full sound. No case, $1500 plus shipping. SOLD


Wisemann Pocket Trumpet DPT-400 - Brass-lacquered, stainless steel piston valves, yellow brass slides and leadpipe, 4.84” bell and .459” bore, brand new with case and mouthpiece. $300 + shipping. $ + shipping. SOLD


Accent Trumpet - German made by B & S, to specs by the Dallas Brass, ML bore, bell similar to Bach 43, bright and responsive, excellent intonation, like new, quality case $800 +shipping.


Besson Trumpet - French built SN (82xxx?), pre-WWII Brevete model, valves just rebuilt, restored to polished raw brass, other finishes optional, several patches due to wear, no case, CALL FOR PRICE AND OPTIONS


Conn 52B Trumpet - sn 5699xxx, .462 bore, gold lacquer, includes case, $850 + shipping.


Conn 2B Trumpet - New World Symphony Model, circa 1942, restored to polished raw brass, valve refit, excellent player, no case, $750 + shipping  SOLD


Couturier Trumpet - sn 3724, M bore, includes two additional slides, original case, $650 + shipping


Eastman C Trumpet - brand new, .460 bore, 4.75” rose or yellow brass bell available, excellent quality materials and construction, plays extremely well and can compete with most American or Japanese models, original new case SOLD


Holton 51LB Trumpet - sn 294562, red brass bell, nickel lead pipe, valves rebuilt, beautifully refinished in clear lacquer, incredible response, vibrant, exciting sound, no case, $750 + shipping.


King Trumpet - Symphony model, sn 480396, dual bore, sterling silver leadpipe, includes case, $850 + shipping  NOTE: This horn has now been refinished in clear epoxy lacquer and looks and plays great SOLD


Wisemann Trumpet  - Model DTR-1000SG, brand new professional model, .465 bore, 4.92” bell, silver plated with gold slides and accents, includes original case, $1270 + shipping OUT ON APPROVAL