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Here is a late 1920s (S/N 98xx) American Standard Model 228 Eb Sousaphone. The sousaphone is in pretty good shape, given it is almost 100 years old! The horn was restored years and and the resprayed lacquer is in decent shape, with worn spots and dent removal reminiscences. One of the valve cap and finger buttons are non-original, so are the tuning bits. It does come with two tuning bits for better tuning as well as ergonomics. The sousaphone features a .689" bore and a 22" bell. It plays fairly well in tune with a good sound! Fits standard American shank.


Here is what they say in their 1935 brochure: "The American Standard Sousaphone has been specially designed of standard proportion and bore to give sufficient tone volume for any ordinary size band and the design is such that excess weight has been eliminated, making the instrument especially suitable for school bands. It has the very finest valve mechanism and the instrument is so designed and braced as to give it unusual strength to stand the maximum of abuse to which these large instruments are subjected."


$500 + Shipping

American Standard (King) Eb Sousaphone