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From Austin Custom Brass:


The Custom Reserve line feels incredibly open. These are designed to be played with a full air stream and as little body tension as possible. 


TA1: The first piece I designed for the shop! One of the pieces I’ve loved so much is the specialmouthpiece made for one of my heroes, Clark Terry. His piece, which was based on a Gustat Heim, had anincredibly efficient “V” shape – I think the V-cupped shapes have both wonderful ease/efficiency and anincredible tone. For this piece I modified the rim and cup to make it more accessible to today’s modernplayer. The cup entrance to the throat has also been blended a bit more to make the balance between cupand bore much more efficient. I’ve also made this model with a slightly bigger backbore to help today’splayer (who in general prefer slightly more open backbores to the vintage lines).




Mouthpiece: TA1

Backbore: MO

OD: 1.084

ID: 0.639

Cup Shape: Modified V Cup

Cup Depth: 6

Closest Comparison: None



Condition: Like new


Asking $210 + shipping

Austin Custom Brass Reserve TA1+

Only 1 left in stock
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