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From Austin Custom Brass:


The Custom Reserve line feels incredibly open. These are designed to be played with a full air stream and as little body tension as possible. 


TA-Z: The TA-Z (or "Zing") might be one of the most comfortable commercial mouthpieces I've designed that can still maintain a beautiful sound from Pedal C to Double C and above. It features a .625 diameter with a medium flat rim and shallow hybrid V/S cup.




Mouthpiece: TAZ

Backbore: A1

OD: 1.076

ID: 0.625

Cup Shape: Shallow Bowl

Cup Depth: 4

Closest Comparison: None



Condition: Few minor nicks on the shank. Rim and cup are like new.


Asking $200 + shipping

Austin Custom Brass Reserve TAZ+

Only 1 left in stock
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