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Pre-owned B & S Challenger I 3137


The B&S Challenger I 3137 trumpet is a professional Bb trumpet renowned for its quality and craftsmanship. It's 100% German-made, adhering to a 250-year-old tradition of high-quality brass instrument manufacturing. This model is celebrated for its unique one-piece hand-hammered bell, which is crafted using traditional methods and the expertise of skilled master craftsmen at B&S. This careful construction allows the trumpet to produce a full, rich sound with a wide array of tonal characteristics​


The Challenger I is designed with classic and familiar ergonomic features, making it a comfortable choice for players. It features a .459" / 11.66 mm ML bore and a 4.803"/122mm #37 yellow brass or gold brass bell. Additionally, it includes 3 top-sprung hand-lapped Monel pistons and 2 lever-style, forged water keys for the main tuning and 3rd valve slide. The trumpet also boasts standard gold brass leadpipe and tuning slide bow, an adjustable rod stop on the 3rd valve slide, and a thumb saddle for the 1st valve slide. It comes with a hard wood-shell case, mouthpiece, valve oil, slide grease, cleaning cloth, and rod, available in clear lacquer, silver plated, or gold lacquered finishes​​.


Ideal for advancing players seeking a versatile instrument for a variety of playing scenarios, the Challenger I is based on the classic specifications of the Bach Stradivarius 180ML 37L equivalent design. Its leadpipe and bell dimensions provide an even sound and excellent tonal response across the instrument's range, making it suitable for orchestral, big band settings, or versatile enough for general play. It's particularly popular among players looking to upgrade from student models for a higher quality tone and enhanced projection


This instrument is in great condition.

B & S Challenger I 3137

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