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This is a like new Bach Artisan AP190S Piccolo Trumpet.


From Bach:


Serious orchestral trumpeters looking for the ultimate piccolo trumpet will find everything they’re looking for in the Bach Artisan AP190S. Its .450-inch bore and one-piece flat rim bell offer up a focused airstream that elicits a beautiful, orchestral sound that pro players crave in a piccolo trumpet. Other design elements like the 2-piece valve casings and nickel balusters lend to this trumpet’s overall tone and response. Sweetwater trumpeters also appreciate the high level of customization this piccolo trumpet offers. The AP190S comes with two sets of leadpipes in both Bb and A, each with trumpet and cornet mouthpiece receivers. It also comes with two sets of plastic and brass valve guides that let you change up the instrument’s feel and response. These extras let you adapt the AP190S to your specific preferences and playing situation. Top it off with a silver-plated finish that adds an extra sheen of brilliance, and the AP190S is a high-performing piccolo trumpet that deserves your attention. 


Asking Only $4,500 + Shipping

Bach Artisan AP190S Piccolo Trumpet

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