Here is a rare Bach Mt Vernon Mercury Model Bb Cornet in great shape! The Mercury is a budget line created by Bach in his New York days with other stencil parts mixed with his own bell, in comparison to the higher priced Stradivarius line. The Mercury features a .446" small bore and normally model 106 bell, but it is impossible to tell without acquiring the shop card. The valve block seems to be a great Bach copy, since the serial number (111xxx) was stamped with a different font and side of the valve block than normal Mt Vernon instruments, and that provides no further information when was this made. The valves are in great shape and have excellent compression! The cornet plays, as Rich puts it - "like but-ta" if that tells you anything about the sound.. Even though it has a long cornet wrap, it definitely plays dark and smooth all across the range! There are lacquer loss, resolder points and repaired dents, but nothing affects how it plays! There are not many Mt Vernon era Mercury cornets around so you won't be able to easily find another one! 


Here are a little info about these horns from the earlier NY era:


$950 + Shipping

Bach Mt Vernon Mercury Model Bb Cornet