This cornet was part of David Kuehn's personal collection. Part of his collection is being sold to benefit the 'Midwest Trumpet Festival's' endowment. Your generosity in purchasing one of his instruments will fund the festival for years to come!  Click here to learn more about the 'Midwest Trumpet Festival.'


This is a beautiful New York Bach  Model 25-62 Bb cornet from 1937. The 25-62 indicates that the bell is a 25 bell taper and the 62 stands for a .462" bore. It had a loose joint that was repaired and relacquered by the leadpipe waterkey, as seen in the first photo. Other than that, the horn is in amazing original condition!  What a rare, sweet playing cornet!


Asking $1,800 + Shipping

Bach Stradivarius 25-62 Cornet