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Pre-owned Bach Stradivarius Model 36G Straight Tenor Trombone


The Bach Stradivarius Model 36G Straight Tenor Trombone stands out in the professional music scene for its superior sound quality and exquisite construction. Part of the esteemed Bach Stradivarius series, this model is distinguished by its .525" medium-large bore, offering a balance between bright and deep tones. The "G" designation indicates a gold brass bell, favored for its warm and full sound with great projection. This trombone's 8-inch bell enhances its versatility, making it suitable for a range of musical styles, from classical compositions to jazz performances.


Crafted with a focus on detail, the Model 36G boasts a smooth slide mechanism essential for quick passages and precise note changes. Its gold brass bell, containing a higher copper content, enriches its tone, setting it apart from instruments with standard yellow brass bells. Each trombone in the Bach Stradivarius series is handcrafted, including hand-hammered bells and meticulously fitted slide assemblies, ensuring that every instrument has a unique character while upholding the brand's high standards.


Condition: Great with some wear to the finish on the bell and slide.

Bach Stradivarius Model 36G

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