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This is a shop demo condition Bach Stradivarius Model 72 "Vindabona" Bb Trumpet in lacquer! The "Vindabona" features a MLV .453"-.459" dual bore and a 72 bell. The more conical bore design giving the trumpet a dark, warm sound. The trumpet is in like new condition, other than one dent removed from the bell, one ding on the valve casing and a handful of hairline scratches. This Bach comes with an extra regular ML tuning slide, since most of the dual bore happens in the original tuning slide. Thus, the trumpet can play differently with just the switch of the slides like you own two horns! Brand new Bach Vindabonas are going for over $3000, and with an extra tuning slide this one is much more of a bargain! 


$2700 + Shipping

Bach Stradivarius Model 72 "Vindabona" Bb Trumpet