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Here is a 1978 (S/N 29xxx) Benge Claude Gordon CG Bb Trumpet in great shape! The CG is designed for Claude Gordon, one of the most celebrated trumpet pedagogue in the past century. The Benge CG features a 468" L bore, super lightweight body, and a specific .464" choke right at the end of the bell tail that makes the CG different from the standard 6X model. This was the quintessential horn for commercial and lead trumpet players since the 70s! The leadpipe was developed as an exact copy of Claude Gordon's pre-WW2 French Besson Meha. Zig Kansul who was the shop manager at the time had CG bells made from a thinner gauge of brass, which makes the horn more consistent, lighter with quicker response. This CG is in great shape with some minor silver loss on various spots. The rest of the trumpet is in excellent shape, and it is mechanically sound! The valves have great compression and are silky smooth! The leadpipe shows early signs of red rots but our chemical cleaning procedure stops the process to worsen further. As for the sound, this is IT if you're a lead and commercial player! Light and nimble with consistency in the tone, the CG can light up faster than light bulb when you just give it some juice! This one is absolutely a great example of the CGs and Benges.


$1750 + Shipping

Benge Claude Gordon "CG" Bb Trumpet