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Here is a raw brass valve replated French Besson Trumpet with silver plated slides and trim. This French Besson is from the 40s, but the serial number has been heavily buffed so we can barely see them, most probably 93xxx or 95xxx, so it is hard to determine if it is pre-war or post-war. The trumpet has a couple patches, on the bell by the valve casing, one on the third valve slide and two more on the valve casing. The third valve waterkey is not original. This Besson features the iconic underslung third valve slide and newly replated valves so the horn plays like new! The leadpipe has no signs of red rot. The receiver shows a crinkle most probably from previous damage. The forward bell brace is a "U" brace instead of the normal "Z". All being said and done, the trumpet is in great shape and still has plenty of life in it especially after the valve refit! Take this beauty home for the price of a fraction of a new trumpet!


$1100 + Shipping

Besson Brevete Bb Trumpet

Only 1 left in stock
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