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This is an early Besson Brevete HP Bb cornet. Serial number (5706) puts the horn in early 1870s. The serial number is slightly rubbed off on the casing, but the last 3 digits are on the tuning bit. There is also a "P" marked on the valve casing above the serial. The valves have been redone at one point so the compression is great! The cornet is in absolutely beautiful shape, with no silver loss on the replated silver. It plays with the iconic Besson cornet sound with no problem throughout the range whatsoever. It certainly doesn't look or play like an instrument that is around 150 years old! The tuning slide is in high pitch, but the adjustable back tuning slide pulls out for low pitch Bb perfectly. This is not something you'll see everyday so get it while it lasts! Comes with no name silver mouthpiece that fits the tuning bit.


This cornet is part of the Jimmy Taylor Collection.


$1350 + Shipping

Besson Brevete Cornet

Only 1 left in stock
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