Here is a unique Besson Chicago Bore "Prototype" Cornet in silver. In addition to the C/Bb keys built in the horn, someone in the past installed a quick switch half-step rotor, that let the cornet to play in the keys of B and A as well. The slides have markings of B♮, Bb, A♮ and Ab to indicate how far the slides should be pulled out. The tuning bit indicates C/Bb, so the lower keys require another longer tuning bit. This Besson is built in London in 1895 (S/N 59xxx) and sold in the US through Carl Fischer. The silver plating is in great shape with about 5% loss, in addition to the rotor work. There are one mismatched finger button and top valve cap on the third valve. Original brass valves have decent compression, a little more worn on the first valve. The cornet plays fairly well, especially for its age! It has a clear sound with good amount of resonance. 

This cornet is part of the Jimmy Taylor Collection.


$450 + Shipping


(P.S. Vince Dimartino played it and loved it!)

Besson Chicago Bore "Prototype" C/B/Bb/A Cornet