This is a rareity amongst all the other English Besson Class A cornets, with a later added on dedication on both the inner bell as well as the length of the bell too! The inside of the bell says: "E.G. Whitworth   Principal 1941-1984" and "Colonel White Highschool". The length of the bell says: "In Honor Of The Band's Best Friend - Papa Gougar". The cornet has been relacquered at the time of the add-on engravings and it suffers a few spots of lacquer loss. The valves are not in great shape but you can still play it with some heavier oil! We did a little research on the school, and the Colonel White Highschool located in Dayton OH, and does not longer exist after a merger in 2007 with two other schools and becomes Thurgood Marshall High School. With all that said, this would be a great horn for someone who might be part of the heritage and/or just having a cornet around for fun!


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Besson Class A "New Creation" Dedication Cornet