Here is a one-of-a-kind trumpet built by Rich Ita himself as a tribute to the Martin Committee! This raw brass trumpet features a brand new .460" ML bore Getzen valve block, a rare M/K Drawing Committee copy leadpipe, as well as a new old stock Martin Magna bell from the 60s. The tuning slide is set up reversed like the original Martin. It is pretty safe to say this trumpet has the most unique sound in the shop right now! The Custom provides the consistency and stability from the infamous Getzen valves, the blow of the Committee from the M/K leadpipe and that unforgettable sound of a Martin Magna bell. This is surely the only one that will ever exist so don't miss your chance to grab this! The trumpet can be finished in lacquer, silver or others with additional cost.


$2500 + Shipping

BIW Custom Committee Bb Trumpet