This is a Beuscher 10-22A Bb/A trumpet in silver with gold accents. This 1924 (S/N 153xxx) Buescher is still in great playing shape, and doesn't look bad either! The trumpet features medium bore, 4.5" bell, a distinctive underslung first slide saddle, as well as a quick change Bb/A rod on the tuning slide. The gold plating is quite faded, but you can still distinguish them from silver on the ferrules, buttons and waterkeys. The amount of craftmanship and details on these trumpets are unmatched today. There are some silver loss around the valve casing and some previous repair marks most noticeable on the leadpipe. Someone also put a sleeve over the front leadpipe-bell brace, assuming it snapped underneath. The trumpet plays fairly well with a unique sound that is perfect for early jazz, and Buescher labelled it for professional or symphony works, so it is quite an all-around horn! Comes with original case.


$650 + Shipping

Buescher 10-22A Bb/A Trumpet