Here is a silver Buescher 10-22R Bb/A Trumpet in beautiful condition! This Buescher dates back to 1925 (S/N 195xxx) and it's still in great shape! The trumpet features a M bore, 4.5" bell and Bb/A quick rotor switch to jump from one key to the other. It also has an underslung 3rd valve slide ring. The original valves still give decent compression. There are a couple wear spots on the silver around the valve casing, some scratches around the bell tail and some hammer marks along the leadpipe, but none of those affects how it plays! You wouldn't believe the sound and consistency you can get out of a 94-year-old horn! It provides a dark but clear tone that you won't find on a modern trumpet, but brightens up when you give it some gas! This is also THE model that Louis Armstrong recorded on in the late 20s, so if you want to talk about pedigree this is it!


$650 + Shipping

Buescher 10-22R Bb/A Trumpet