Here is a 1935 Buescher Aristocrat 237 Bb/A trumpet in gorgeous shape! It is rare to see a horn from before WW2 to be in such great original condition these days! This trumpet has a unicque Buescher feature at the time, that all 3 valve slides are reversed, including the 2nd slide! The silver and gold accents are in stunning condition, with a big wear spot on the valve casing, and the other on the 2nd slide. You would think it is a newly replated horn if you don't pay too close attention! The original valves are in great shape with good "pop" when you pull the slides out. There is a quick switch stop screw on the tuning slide to change the key from Bb/A. This model 237 was only built for a couple years in the 30s, so there aren't many of these around to begin with! Here is what Buescher said in their catalog in 1934: "Full, rich tone has an exceptionally brilliant and penetrating power". There are very little repair ever done to this horn and it really shows (or doesn't!). The color and versatility of the sound is quite rare to find on a modern trumpet, that you can go from dark to bright tones without really doing any changes to the approach, and yet it sings like how you hear it in your head! This is definitely one of our favorite Bueschers in the shop right now! 


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Buescher Aristocrat 237 Bb/A Trumpet

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