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This is a beautifully restored Buescher True Tone 205 in silver plate. It's dated back to 1945. Buescher trumpets have been the favorites of big band swing orchestras since the 1920s and 1930s. Louis Armstrong to Chet Baker played and recorded using Buescher trumpets, along with many other not so famous trumpet players. This particular “Aristocrat” model was developed in the 1940s and became very popular with players who could afford to own one. There were many model variants of the “Aristocrat” during the period from 1932 and 1963, but the best one is the model 205. This 1945 model 205 looks very elegant with its artistic engraving on the bell, and sleek with its “reverse wrap” tuning slide connection to the 3rd valve chamber. This is one of the most under-appreciated vintage trumpets on the market today. It represents a very high quality of manufacture from the 1940s, a solid professional trumpet, collectable grade. The horn is a delight to play because it has a lot of brass, about two and a half pounds of it, in fact; it has a very big tone, classy 1940s, perfect intonation and very good projection qualities throughout the entire playable range, very quick valve action. The horn is a classic collectable, but more importantly it is also a good sounding and working horn for any professional player with the chops to do it justice.


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Buescher True Tone 205