For sale is a very nice Callet New York in silver plate with gold slides. Please note that the first slide is not gold plated. This model is a .460 bore even though there is an LB marking on the receiver. All in all a very nice player that feels a bit more open than a ML. A very open and powerful upper register with a nice an even scale. Callet's website says: "Beginning in the early '80s, Jerry worked with Donald Getzen and DEG to make a pro quality horn at an intermediate price. Jerry's custom changes to the original DEG design resulted in a trumpet that outperformed all existing trumpets in power, slotting, upper register control, and intonation, and at a fraction of the price of competing horns. Several thousand of these horns are still in regular use around the world. Made in both Bb and C models, these horns are generally identifiable by "New York" inscribed on the leadpipe and/or bell. The nylon spring holders in the valves also easily identify these horns. None of these horns are inscribed with the words Jazz, Soloist, Symphonique, or Stratosphere as these models were made after the New York Callets were out of production. New York Callets came in 3 bores: .460 (no marking), .468 (LG engraved on horn), .472 (SLB, for super large bore, engraved on horn). Asking $1500 OBO + shipping

Callet New York