Here is a super rare Getzen made Canadian Brass CB12 cornet in silver! Built in the 90s, these are top tier instruments marketed under Canadian Brass name. This cornet is basically identical to Getzens 3850 Custom Series cornets, other than having a first slide saddle and third valve ring instead of triggers. This cornet is close to like-new condition... Other than some terrible effort of bell repair attempted by someone who was not trained, and the person buffed the outside of the bell and left the dents inside. We did our best in repairing and spot silver plating the outside of the bell, with one crack filled in. Even with all the problems listed above, the cornet is still an absolutely sweet player! The rest of the cornet is in almost perfect condition and the world-famous Getzen valves are working awesome! We ordered a replacement bell from Allied music that is the exact same bell as the one on the cornet, just without plating and "Canadian Brass" engraved. We can switch out the bell with an extra cost of $350. Comes with original case!


$900 + Shipping

$1250 + Shipping with replacement bell installed

Canadian Brass CB12 Cornet