This Carolbrass is listed as a student model, but it plays so much better than just about any student model trumpets out there on the market! Unlike other companies where they use cheaper material and techniques to produce the student lines, CarolBrass maintains the same build quality and uses the same valve block on this as they would on their professional line instruments! You probably won't find another student trumpet that plays that well and at this price!



  • Model: CTR-2000H-YSS-Bb
  • Key: Bb
  • Bore size: ML (0.460" ; 11.70 mm)
  • Main tuning slide style: H (Standard, two roots)
  • Bell material: Y (Yellow brass)
  • Bell size: S (# 37)
  • Bell thickness: S (0.024" ; 0.60 mm)
  • Bell diameter: 4.843" (123.00 mm)
  • Finish: S (Silver) or L (Lacquer)
  • Leadpipe material: Yellow brass
  • Tuning slide material: Inner / Outer Yellow brass
  • 1st tuning slide finger hook
  • 3rd tuning slide adjustable finger ring & stop screw


  • ABS hard plastic case
  • CarolBrass® 7C mouthpiece
  • Polishing cloth
  • Valve guard
  • La Tromba T2 valve oil
  • User booklet


Silver: $775 + shipping

Lacquer: $650 + shipping

CarolBrass CTR-2000H-YSS-Bb