Here is a one-off Carolbrass CTR-9395L-RSM Bb Trumpet! This is the Doug Teeter Custom Lead Model that is special order only, hence the unmarked bell! This custom model features .453" M bore and a mix of red brass and nickel silver materials, saturn waterkeys, stainless steel valves and red brass 5" 37-style bell. Heavy weight finger button/ caps and heavy weight mouthpiece receiver. You probably won't find a better looking blend of colors from Carolbrass' lineup than this one! Comes with 1 rounded and 1 squared (D-shaped) main tuning slides, 3 extra regular finger buttons, and a hard case.


Key:                    Bb
Bore:                   M (0.453", 11.50mm)
Main slide:           L (Reversed roots)
Bell material:        R (Red brass)
Bell size:              S (Standard #37)
Bell thickness:     M (Middle 0.020"; 0.5 mm)
Bell diameter:      5.000" (127.00mm)
Finishing:             L (Clear Lacquer)
Leadpipe:            Red Brass


$2100 + Shipping

CarolBrass CTR-9395L-RSM Bb Trumpet


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