This lacquer stripped 1948 (380xxx) Conn 12A Bb Cornet is a real gem! The 12A is the cornet version of the 12B, one of the first coprion bell instruments made by Conn, with many more to follow. This Conn features a #2 (0.468") bore which Conn called this a "medium" bore for cornet. With a coprion 4 5/8" bell, this cornet can really sing in all occasions! Additionally, the third valve are special designed on the 12A to be a little longer, to put low D and C# in tune while the Eb a little lower than normal, which aids intonation without the use of a finger ring to adjust the pitch or the normally troubled notes. There are red rots on some of the tubes, but our chem clean process stops it from worsening, as long as you keep it clean and dry after playing it the horn can last for years! The Clickless valves are in great shape and the strokes are flawless! Get this piece of rare Conn history before it's gone!


Here's what Conn said about the 12A in 1955:

"This is the shortest, widest cornet in the entire Conn line... and it features the famous seamless COPRION bell which provides such exceptional power and ease of blowing. Amazing flexibility, most accurate scale. Sensational medium bore, large tone. Has the popular "Clickless Crysteel" bottom spring valves - another exclusive Conn feature that good cornet players appreciate because the action is so fast, so smooth."


$700 + Shipping

Conn 12A Bb Cornet


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