This trumpet was from the personal collection of David Kuehn. Part of his collection is being sold to benefit the 'Midwest Trumpet Festival's' endowment. Your generosity in purchasing one of his instruments will fund the festival for years to come!  Click here to learn more about the 'Midwest Trumpet Festival.'


This is a really sweet playing horn! It has the beautiful sweet sound that you would expect from these classic instruments. While it is a small bore, the sound is huge! It is effortless to play, flexible and very responsive. These old 22B trumpets are still widely used by professional musicians around the world. 


It is gold plated and absolutely beautiful! The plating is mostly in tact with a few superficial wear spots in the typical areas you would find from holding the horn. The engraving is absolutely stunning! Everything is fully functioning and the valves are quick with great compression. 


Asking $950 + Shipping


Conn 22B 'New York Symphony' Early Model