Here is a rare original Gold Plated Conn 22B "Early Model" Bb/A Trumpet from 1927 (S/N 240xxx)! The 22B features a .438" bore, 4 5/8" bell, and a regular Bb and Bb/A quick change tuning slide. The original gold plating is in fantastic shape! The 22B came with wrong leadpipe to bell bracings, so we custom made some that fit and look like the original and replated the spots. The other thing that is not original to the trumpet is a lacquered period correct 3rd bottom cap. The Bb tuning slide is showing some signs of red rot and a few pretty thin spots, but nothing is cracked open so far. The original valves have nice compression with very decent "pop" when the slides are pulled. This Conn has a * under the serial number, which means the trumpet has a gold brass bell instead of the standard yellow brass. The trumpet also have very extensive and gorgeous engravings on the bell! This trumpet can sing! The sound is dark yet nimble, and can easily keep up with any modern horn! Comes with original case too!


$1100 + Shipping

Conn 22B Gold Plated "Early Model" Bb/A Trumpet