This is a rare Conn 26B Symphony Bb Trumpet in great condition! This Conn was made in 1927 (S/N 244xxx) The cosmetic condition is excellent other than some silver loss, mainly on the tuning slide and tuning slide waterkey. The 26B is in amazing mechanical shape and the original valves have stellar compression! Loud pops when the slides are pulled. Unlike the most popular 22B this features a .459" bore like a modern trumpet so it plays more like a modern horn, and this can outplay just about any modern horn we have here too! This also has a star * underneath the serial, indicating it has a gold brass bell for some extra zing in the awesome sound!


Here's what Conn said about the 26B:

"The 26B trumpet possesses the same bore (0.459" #1 1/2 bore) as the popular 2B but is built of a little heavier gauge brass for the players who like to put "steam" behind their performance. It also has the advantage of being somewhat lower in price. For symphony and concert playing, here is a beautiful instrument. The 26B is the Low Pitch version, the 27B is the high pitch version of the instrument."


Comes with original case.


$900 + Shipping

Conn 26B Symphony Bb Tumpet