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Vintage Conn 40A Connqueror Vocabell Long Model Cornet in raw brass. The 40A was produced between at least 1932 and 1938.


Responsive playing with a rich, warm tone! It's in great condition with some cosmetic scratches and mild pitting at the contact areas.


From Conn in 1933:

Although built in medium bore, this cornet has all the power and breadth of tone found in a larger bore because of the Vocabell. This new principle bell vibrates freely and and in sympathy with the vibrating column of air in the instrument and consequently the tone is purer, clearer and easier to produce than the tone in an instrument with the conventional bell. Delicate broadcasting instruments in the Columbia Broadcasting System Studios show the Vocabell to be superior in all respects to the instrument with the conventional bell with a wire in the rim. The volume is from 12 to 15 decibels greater, the scale is smoother and more even throughout and the tone is clearer and purer. Used by B.A. Rolfe, great cornet virtuoso and radio impressario, and other national stars. Masterpiece, both musically and in modern appearance. Bb and A, springs in bottom of valves.


$750 + shipping

Conn 40A Connqueror Vocabell

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