Here is a highly sought after 1970 N-series (S/N N56xxx) Conn 8D F/Bb Double French Horn! The N-series are very popular amongst horn players for its large and quick taper that allows the 8D to produce a huge amount of sound. The bell had previously been cut and was very well done. The bell engraving says CG CONN LTD USA so this was built in Abilene (still with Elkhart parts!). The tapered rotors are nickel plated, that they have been replated at some point in the horn's 50 years lifespan. The lacquer is about 60% gone with the leadpipe and bell in raw nickel. The rotors are responsive and quick with tons of compression! This horn has all the typical 8D characteristics, and with the fast tapered bell this horn can ring a hall easily! Comes with a used Pope Marcus Bonna MB-7 case ($525 New!).


$3500 + Shipping

Conn 8D F/Bb Double French Horn


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