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This is a valve refitted 1965 Conn Connstellation 38B trumpet! This is a "Late Model" 38B that we refinished couple years ago for a customer and he traded this beauty in.. We thought the trumpet deserved a valve refit and it really shows its glory now! The Late Model 38B features a .438" bore, 5 1/8" "Electro-D" bell and Coprion seamless leadpipe. This is the model that everyone played on - Maynard Ferguson, Chet Baker, Tom Harrell, Jack Sheldon and Dontae Winslow amongst others. This particular trumpet is a great example with a freshly done valve refit and a lacquer refinish, that makes this trumpet basically brand new off the factory or even better! Furthermore, it comes with the original case as well as original Conn Connstellation 7EW mouthpiece!


$1500 + Shipping

Conn Connstellation "Late Model" 38B Trumpet