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Vintage Conn cornet refinished in satin silver. Made in 1911 after the Conn factory was destroyed by fire; S/N: 122xxx. This is a high-pitched cornet and weighs 2 lbs. 5 oz., length 15¾ inches, bell diameter 4¾ in.


Great playing horn! Very centered, resonant sound. Valves will need thicker oil due to age.


What Conn said in 1913:
"The claim made for the New [Invention] Circus Bore Cornet is that it has a better and more correct scale throughout its entire compass, that it plays easier and has a bigger nad more powerful voice-like quality of tone. That it is better balanced, handles easier and that its tone responds more quickly and more readily. The bell of this Cornet hang downward to prevent the free use of the performer's embouchure, and the performer can do more on the Circus Bore Cornet and last longer when doing it than with any other Cornet."


Bore size: 0.484" (large)


Asking $750 + shipping

Conn New Invention Circus Bore

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