Here is a super nice Eclipse Bb Trumpet in scratched raw brass finish. This is a LC model labelled on the bell tuning slide, which stands for Large Copper. We have tried to check with Eclipse in the UK and unfortunately they have lost most of the records prior to 2010. They did say this trumpet was made about 9 to 10 years ago. The trumpet features a .460" ML bore, 130mm bell, "0" leadpipe, special order double finger rings and saddles and a bell bow tuning slide. The valves are surprisingly quite worn for an only 10 year old horn, but you can still play on it fairly well and the valve action is great! This Eclipse has a dark, silky warm sound that can only come from a large copper bell. We have the horn finished in a raw brass scratch finish and it really brings out all the colors from the different materials! Eclipse no longer has the LC bell on their website so this is a rarity to find especially on this side of the pond!


From Eclipse's old website:

"Custom LC bell:

A truly unique trumpet with masses of personality which will enhance the sound of the developed and commanding artist. The heavy weight, pure copper bell adds a complex set of overtones enabling great contrasts in tone from a dark, bluesy whisper to a pure, bright screaming shout. The horn is very open and agile, yet has fantastic, focused projection with great weight behind the sound. The large copper is usually supplied with heavy valve caps and an elegantly crafted counter-balance in the back bow.

The 0 pipe was the original versatile pipe that Eclipse developed, and is still to this day in our range and as you will see on our website a middle of the road size in terms of our pipes. Not the same as!! But ost equivalent to a bach 25 pipe."


$2000 + Shipping

Eclipse LC Bb Trumpet