This is a discontinued, pre-owned, Edwards BD1 Bb trumpet leadpipe for a Gen II, III and X series trumpets. It's in great shape but has some nicks on the end of the receiver. 


What Edwards says:


The Gen II, III, and X series trumpets utilize the Edwards Leadpipe System (ELS), which allows a player to change leadpipes effortlessly and efficiently. The ELS allows you, the player, to change the compression levels of the instrument to your individual playing characteristics.


The Edwards leadpipe slips into a retaining tube that is soldered to the valve body. This retaining tube improves the stability of the instrument and keeps the leadpipe in 100% alignment with the tuning slide. The fixed nature of this system also eliminates all sympathetic vibrations that are commonly found among other modular trumpets.


It features a free blowing and brilliant tone. 


Asking $175 + Shipping

Edwards BD1 Leadpipe