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Introducing the Geneva Cardinal Cornet, a masterpiece of brass craftsmanship designed to elevate your musical performance. With a precise bore of 11.79mm (0.464"), this cornet ensures a focused and resonant sound. The 125mm (4.9") hand-hammered rose brass bell, adorned with intricate hand engravings, produces a rich and warm tone. The lead pipe, also in rose brass and featuring detailed hand engraving, seamlessly opens into the receiver for optimal airflow.

The Geneva Cardinal collection seamlessly blends cutting-edge innovations, unparalleled luxury, premium materials, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering pursuit of perfection. Every instrument within the Geneva Cardinal series showcases meticulously crafted decorative engraving, a testament to the skill of gifted artisans, ensuring that each Cardinal instrument possesses a truly one-of-a-kind character.


The inclusion of the venturi in all Geneva Cardinal lead pipes is strategically designed to provide musicians with an immediate boost in sound and a virtually resistance-free playing experience. At Geneva, they take pride in pushing the boundaries of innovation in the production of handmade brass musical instruments, aiming for a new standard of quality.



Bore: 11.79mm (0.464")

Bell: 125mm (4.9") Hand Hammered Rose Brass Bell with Nickel Silver Flare, Hand Engraved

Lead Pipe: Rose Brass, with Hand Engraving (with Open Flare into Receiver)

Triggers: Main and Third

Valves: Stainless Steel

Inner Slides Nickel Silver

Outer Slides: Nickel Silver

Tuning Slide: Rose Brass

Finish: Lacquer with Black Nickel Plated Trimmings


Condition: excellent

Geneva OldRoyd Cardinal

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