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Here is a rare King 2B Valve Trombone in great original lacquer! This mid 70s (S/N 512xxx) trombone features a 7.25" standard 2B libery bell and .481" bore valve section. The valves are in great shape with great compression! The original lacquer has about 90% left, and in great shape other than a some scratches and a few spots from dent removal. The leadpipe has a different shade, so that must have been replaced at one point. The trombones is a sweet player! The sound is compact and punchy, and if you have a slide section it should work well with the bell! It is hard to find one of the older ones these days, and brand new ones from King are over $2400 new! This in comparison is a bargain! Comes in original case. 


$1600 + Shipping

King 2B Valve Trombone