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This is a King 2269 Double French horn. This late 90s French horn is the successor of the "Fidelio" 1178 French horns from the 70s. The horn is in F/Bb, and features a .468" bore, 12" yellow brass bell, yellow brass body and rotors, and a lacquer finish. This King were completely redesigned by master builder George McCracken, and they are a radical departure from the design of previous King horns. The most obvious changes are in the shape of the Bb side of the horn beneath the finger buttons, as well as the shape of the primary branch of the horn leading to the bell expansion. These pieces of tubing have been altered with gentler curves, resulting in smoother airflow. The shape of the leadpipe expansion and bell throat on Fidelio models are also very different from the older King horn, the 1159 (later renamed the 2259). There are some bell damage and lacquer loss, but the rotors are in great shape and working quick and smooth! It is a great horn for a student moving from a student horn or as a professional backup horn. Comes with original case.


$1200 + Shipping

King Model 2269 F/Bb French Horn