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New Mark Hughes Trumpet Practice Mute


From Mark Hughes:


This 3D-printed mute is the best practice mute on the market. Practicing in hotels? No problem! Don’t risk disturbing those around you, just use the MH practice mute. This mute possesses an easy air flow rate, precise intonation throughout the entire range (including in-tune natural pedals), and a soft Harmon-like “zing” indicating you’re playing in the zone. Closed cell foam corking means no fogging of your bell is necessary for the mute to stay affixed, no matter how long your practice session lasts. Available in Concert Black, Electric Blue, and Fire Red.


A recent ITG review states,

“Both the standard and piccolo MH Trumpet Practice Mutes play with exceptional ease and evenness. Notable is the consistency of the intonation across the range, as well as a uniform buzzy tone quality. The quality of the 3D-printed mutes is equally impressive. After two months of normal use by this reviewer, which included several flights, road trips, hotel stays, etc., the mutes showed no wear or damage… the mutes represent a tremendous value and are an excellent option for trumpeters of all levels.”

- John Kilgore (instructor of trumpet, Kansas State University)

Mark Hughes Trumpet Practice Mute

Only 6 left in stock
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