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Here is an as-rare-as-it-gets Martin Handcraft Imperial Bb Trumpet in raw brass! This iconic Martin features a #2 M step-bore, the same bell that is later used on the Committee model, and art deco finger hook and ring that is specific to this model only! The 3rd valve slide finger ring is a replica part that we put on so it is not the original two-piece construction. These lion head M HCI were only made from 1938-1940, and this one was made in 1940! The most important part for this is that, the valves are replated so they're better than new! The trumpet is in raw brass, and shows very little damage in the past. The engravings are still sharp! Handcraft Committees are way over $3000, instead you can spend a fraction of that price to get basically the same horn and plays just as well and maybe better! 


$1750 + Shipping

Martin Handcraft Imperial Bb Trumpet