This trumpet was from the personal collection of David Kuehn. Part of his collection is being sold to benefit the 'Midwest Trumpet Festival's' endowment. Your generosity in purchasing one of his instruments will fund the festival for years to come!  Click here to learn more about the 'Midwest Trumpet Festival.'


This is a super rare Bach Stradivarius from 1927! This trumpet was one of the first Stradivarius' made! It was fully restored at one point and during the restoration, some protective patches were installed on the 1st slide, 3rd valve casing knuckle and 3rd slide upper tube. There was also a patch installed on the bell rim, which might indicate the bell rim was damaged at some point. It still has 100% of its silver plating from the restoration. The trumpet also received a full new set of pistons that were precisely fit to the casings to ensure superb compression.


Not only is this a piece of history, but it is one finest playing horns to come through the shop! It is effortless to play with an amazing sound! You won't want to put this horn down!!


Asking $4,250 + Shipping

New York Bach Faciebat Anno 1927