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Here is a rather rare Olds Opera Cornet in great shape! This 1964 (S/N 411xxx) Opera features .468" bore, 5 1/4" large bell, mostly nickel parts and also double first and third slide trigger. This Olds, like most of the Olds stands well to the test of time and functions and looks great! The valves are slick and flawless, and the triggers works like a charm. The sound is huge and dark like any shepherd's crooks, but if you push it enough it can easily cut through any ensemble as a solo instrument. If you want a cornet that can do-it-all, this is it right here! Comes with original deluxe case in great condition!


Here's what Olds says about the Opera in their 1962 catalog:

"This newest addition to the Olds line of fine cornets is designed for extra tonal capacity, unlimited power, and a brilliance which makes it an artist instrument for the solo performer.

Lightning-fast valve action, extra large bore, dent resistant - solid nickel-silver throughout, first valve trigger tuning mechanism, mouthpipe taper designed for extra resistence, oversized bell section."


$950 + Shipping

Olds Opera Cornet