This is an Olds Studio from 1968 in very, very good original condition. Just some minor scratching in the lacquer.


The Studio model was introduced in the late 1940's and went through several design changes over the years. It was in the "middle" of the Olds line-up, but was always considered a professional level instrument and this one is no exception. In the late 60's, this model was redesigned to be nickel plated (over brass) and features a first slide trigger.

It has distinctive octagonal finger buttons (they are 8 sided, even though the Olds catalog refers to them as hexagonal) and 12 sided top and bottom caps. It shares the same very reliable nickel plated valve pistons of all the Olds horns and this one still has metal spring barrels and brass valve guides (which gave way to plastic in later models). Nickel plated horns have a lacquer finish and typically Olds nickel plated horns of this era (similar to Conn Connstellations) have very worn lacquer. The lacquer finish on nickel plated horns did not typically well wear over time. This particular trumpet is a rare exception with almost no wear to the lacquer, just some minor scratching. The nickel plating is darker than silver plating and gives this horn a very distinctive appearance.


Comes with case.


Asking $750 + Shipping

Olds Studio


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