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Here is a beautifully nickel plated Olds Studio Bb Trumpet from the 1970s (S/N 792xxx). This Olds trumpet is built towards to the end of the company's lifespan, but you can still see the iconic Olds quality on this instrument. The Studio features a .465 bore and a first slide trigger. The valves are in great shape and the rest of the trumpet is trauma free! The sound is very pronounced and can go from warm to bright in a flip of a switch!

Here's what the Olds company says about the Studio in their 1966 Catalog:

"This newly designed instrument represents a departure from the standard Olds trumpets of the past inasmuch as it possesses a dark, sonorous tone when played in the lower and middle registers than any other model in the Olds line. This characteristic of resistance is sought after by many professional trumpet players; particularly those who must play high or forte for extended periods of time.

It is an ideal instrument to be used in a concert band where the band director prefers cornets, as it more closely approximates cornet tone than any other trumpet model. However, it is an extremely good instrument for the high register. Additionally, it is fitted with an adjustable third slide stopping mechanism and a first slide trigger, and is the only nickel-plated trumpet in the line."


$650 + Shipping

Olds Studio Trumpet