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Olds Super Recording Bb trumpet from the Los Angeles era.


From Robb Stewart Brass:


Around 1940, Olds debuted the Super Recording Model trumpet and cornet after about twelve years of trumpet production and at least ten years of trombone production. Preceding these, they had introduced the popular Super Olds trumpet. Initially, the Recording models might have utilized early Super trumpet bells, but later iterations were distinct with longer bell tails, pushing the valve section forward akin to the Selmer Balanced model favored by Louis Armstrong. Additionally, the second valve was offset to the left for easier access.


The Super Recording trumpet was specifically crafted for studio recording, notably for Harold Mitchell, a sought-after figure in that realm at the time. Mitchell's son, Ollie, owned the first Olds Recording trumpet until his passing in 2013, enjoying a prosperous career as a studio trumpet player himself. The exact production date of the first Super Recording instruments is unclear, as they weren't included in the 1939 Olds catalog.


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Olds Super Recording

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