Finished in lacquer is a professional level Olds Super L.A. Bb trumpet! Made circa 1947. It has a medium-large bore 0.460" and a "Tone Ring" applied to the rim of the bell. This horn is in excellent shape! It's been beautifully restored at some point. Comes with case.


From an Olds 1947 catalog:


"Here's an instrument that feels "natural" right from the start, the result of its lightweight, easy blowing and perfect balance. Of a special composition brass, the Super Trumpet is reinforced with nickel silver at all the points of wear and has the famous Super tone control band around the bell and the streamlined braces. This deluxe trumpet embodies Olds beauty of design and craftsmanship for the superb tone quality and flawless action that inspires the musician to greater artistry."


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Olds Super L.A.

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