Here is a lacquered nickel plated Reynolds Argenta Bb Trumpet! The serial number (267xxx) indicates the trumpet was made in 1971. The Argenta is the Reynolds counterpart of the Olds Studio, as they share the same factory at the time. This is the TU-26 model that features .468" bore, 4 7/8" bell and first valve slide trigger. It plays just like the Studio too! All around big dark sound but lights up when you push it. Even all throughout the range with big open blow! 


Here's what Reynolds says about the Argenta in their 1970 catalog:

"The Argenta Trumpet has the same distinctive characteristics as that of the Contempora, except that it is solid nickel-silver. This feature provides the trumpet player with a ‘dark’ tone, rather than the usual sound of brass brilliance. Fast-action valve pistons offer quick response."


$450 + Shipping

Reynolds Argenta Bb Trumpet


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