Introduced in 1956, the B1 trumpet is among the most popular models, distinguished by its free and open feel from the reverse leadpipe and rounded full radius bend tuning slide. With the combination of a medium-large bore and a large throat bell, this design allows the player the diversity in sound color from a rich, full bodied dark sound to a brilliant ringing tone when desired, making the B1 a versatile, all-around instrument. 


This B1 is from the early 2000's and is in good shape. There are signs of redrot in the leadpipe and tuning slide, but we have stopped the redrot process and it will be good to go for years to come with regular cleaning! Silver is 95% with a couple very small wear spots. Valves are amazingly nimble and slides are smooth and fast!


This B1 plays so well, it's not one you want to miss!


Comes with gig bag.


Asking $1,750 + Shipping



Schilke B1