This is a gold plated Schilke Eb Soprano Cornet in amazing condition. Word on the street is that they would take the best of a run of an instrument and gold plate it. This definitely fits the bill! This beauty dates back to the mid 1980's.


From Schilke:


Flexibility And Dependability You Can Rely On - The Schilke Eb Soprano Cornet W/ Beryllium Bell

The Schilke Eb cornet is the reference standard for soprano cornets in the Brass band tradition due to its uniformity in intonation, and sound color. The Schilke Eb cornet allows the player a greater sense of security and ease with superior projection when performing the virtuosic demands of the soprano cornet chair in the Brass band.


Bore: M -.450 inch (11.42mm)

Bell: M - 4.50 inch (114.30mm)

Beryllium Bell with #4 Taper


Asking $3,750 OBO + Shipping

Schilke Eb Cornet Gold Plated