This is a beautiful Schilke HC1 in excellent condition. It has some very minor scratches, otherwise in impeccable condition. 


If you believe that Renold Schilke was largely responsible for the Martin Committee then it’s not hard to believe that there is inspiration in this amazing vintage tone.


The HC-1 was rolled out in 2013 and has been the talk-of-the-town ever since. The 'Handcraft' HC featured a new bell taper and completely redesigned valve section along with the same famous multi-bore concepts that established the old Schilke 'B' Series. 




  • 11.88 mm XL bore (.468")
  • XL-bell
  • Yellow Brass bell
  •  Monel Valves
  •  Gold brass mouthpipe
  • Nickel silver slides
  • Nut stop on the first slide


Comes with case.


Asking $2,500 OBO + Shipping

Schilke HC1-S